William Rusedski, a multifaceted contemporary painter, that creates illusionary effects in an amalgam of culture and imagination, Even if most of his works are practically improvised, they are well supported by a personal technique and style. Large abstractly landscapes that grow in us as a reflection of a previously known light and space. His spontaneous and direct images are soliciting in the beholder’s mind the remembrances of other known places and times.

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His spontaneous and direct images are solliciting in the beholder's mind the remembrances of other places and time. In a free for all art of today, William Rusedski manages to carve a personal, original and eclectic way to interrogate, without filtering devices, matter as well as subjects through movement and a strong sense of energy. He has a great facility and a natural talent in handling various medium of expression and elaborating a great number of art works."
-Gianguido Fucito (Art critic, certified appraiser & evaluator and Gallery owner).

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